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5 Souvenirs That Let You Bring Jamaica Home

Bob Marley Nine Mile Museum image on Jamaica holidays
Whether you’re bringing back gifts for your friends and family, or hunting for some new coffee table trinkets, returning from a holiday without souvenirs would be like forgetting to take photos. Jamaica holidays are ripe with souvenir-grabbing opportunities. Ditch the tacky and generic — nobody, including you, needs another flimsy pen. Instead, hunt for locally […]
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How Good Are Your Travel Planning Skills?

Aeroplane jetting off into the sunset
You’ve finally decided to make that holiday happen — the idyllic Greek island retreat, the adventure holiday in Jamaica, the beach break on the Balearic Islands. Wherever it is and whatever you’re doing, careful planning will make a world of difference to your trip. But just how good are your travel planning skills? See how […]
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The Benefits of Planning Early for Christmas

A family of four seeing a reindeer while out on Lapland holidays
Christmas might seem far away just now, but the summer is flying by – soon, the festive season will come calling. You’ve everything to gain by getting a head start on your Christmas duties, and if you plan well enough you can even squeeze in a mini Christmas break amid the razzmatazz of the season! […]
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Mexico Facts for Kids

El Castillo, Chichen Itza, which is a major part of Mexican culture and history
Mexico is an incredible place that most of us probably don’t know much about. It’s a long way across the water from Ireland, with lots of different traditions and ways of life. You’ve probably eaten Mexican food like burritos and nachos, but how much do you know about Mexican culture? Here are five facts that […]
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Beat the Language Barrier

Close up of a mobile phone with a translator for people struggling with the language
Why do you like to travel? To soak up the sunshine that we don’t quite get enough of in Ireland? To visit world famous historical landmarks? Or, perhaps you want to immerse yourself in a new culture. Despite cultural experience being one of the most common reasons to travel, few of us can actually speak […]
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How Travelling Solo Abroad Changes You for the Better

Girl embracing solo travel and the world
Road tripping with friends and globetrotting with them to faraway places is fun, but travelling alone is something you should do at least once in your lifetime. Stepping outside of your comfort zone on a solo trip leaves you feeling empowered and generates a satisfying buzz of achievement. The best way to get the most […]
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Falcon’s Guide to Summer Selfies

Close up of happy girl taking a holiday selfie
Fancy photography is all well and good, but who doesn’t love to take a selfie from time to time? When all you need is your phone and a few seconds to snap a picture (and maybe a selfie stick if you’re really going all out), there’s no better way to document your travels. Facebook, Twitter, […]
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6 Ingenious Ways to Entertain Yourself at the Airport

View of plane on the tarmac while you have time to kill
You arrive at the airport early, with your passport and boarding pass all in order and your luggage ready to check in. You take a quick glance at your watch to see where to go and find that you have bags of time to spare before the flight takes off! With a leisurely two or […]
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Falcon’s Guide to the Best Surfing in the Algarve

Surfer coming out of the sea in the Algarve, Portugal
As the sun starts to shine more and more you may well be itching to grab your surfboard and pick a spot that is generous with the waves. May we suggest the Algarve, in Portugal? Located off the south-west coast of Portugal, this region is virtually made for surfing because it easily picks up Atlantic […]
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How to Have a Wonderful Romantic Honeymoon in the Canary Islands

Couple looking at each other lovingly on a beach in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands
In terms of a honeymoon in Spain, the activities and leisure opportunities in Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife provide the perfect set up for you to spend some quality time with your loved one as you get your new life together underway. If you’re looking for the best way to spend your honeymoon, we’ve got […]
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