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Water sports you can safely try on holiday

While some of us like to go on holiday to relax, there are some thrill seekers out there who go on holiday to chase that all-important adrenaline rush. If that sounds like you, then check out our guide to the top water sports you can do on holiday, ranging from the slow and gentle to the super-extreme…



If you’re in a resort that has a quiet bay or tame waters, no doubt there will be a pedalo vendor not too far away! For a few Euros, you can rent one of these pedal-powered boats to explore the surrounding waters for yourself. Take the pedalo with a partner, and it makes for a very romantic afternoon.  Just a gentle pedal is enough to get the boat going, so this is perfect even for the more laid-back holidaymaker.

Extreme rating: 2/10

Scuba diving

Scuba diving

If you like to see beautiful aquatic wildlife up close and personal, then book a scuba diving session. Never done scuba before? No excuses! Lots of places offer beginners courses, so all you need is to be in good health, able to swim and feel comfortable in the water. That’s it! Operators do vary in quality though, so use your common sense and book somewhere that has all the appropriate certification before proceeding.

It may be a slightly daunting prospect for some, but it is totally worth it. Exploring the clear waters truly is the experience of a lifetime. Scuba diving facilities are available at most of our destinations, but we really do particularly recommend diving if you go to Sharm el Sheikh, the underwater landscape of the Red Sea really is absolutely spectacular.

Extreme rating: 5/10

Banana boat

Banana Boat

If you are willing to get a group together, this is a lot of fun. You all sit on a long inflatable (normally yellow in colour – hence the name), and you are pulled along by a speedboat. It’s fast, it’s furious and you will need to hold on tight! Don’t be afraid to fall off though, that’s part of the fun!

Of course, a banana boat is not your only option if you want to be pulled along on the back of a speedboat. You could sit by yourself in an inflatable donut, or if you are feeling really extreme, you could go for water skiing (see below)…

Extreme rating: 7/10

Water skiing

Water skiing

This one is for REAL thrill seekers! No need to get a group for this activity, you can rock this solo. Get a pair of skis, attach yourself to a speedboat and hang on for your life! This one is definitely not for the faint hearted, however if you practice long enough you can pull off some impressive looking tricks. Just make sure you are confident in the water before you start…

Extreme rating: 9/10

What water sports do you like to do on holiday? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via Roberto Ferrari, Heath Alseike, dbgg1979, neelaka and Josiah Mackenzie under a creative commons licence.

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