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Long Way from Home: Tips for Travelling to Mexico With Children

Family travel isn’t quite as spontaneous as travelling when you’re young and free of responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be stressful. With a little bit of forward planning and these top tips to remember, taking a trip with your kids will be a breeze. If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on a long-haul flight to Mexico, these are our tips for travelling to Mexico with children.

Packing essentials for travelling to Mexico with kids

Travelling to Mexico with toddlers? If they’re still in the potty-training stage, putting them in pull ups and packing a few extra is the easiest way to deal with any accidents they may have on the flight. Bearing this in mind, baby wipes are indispensable! They’re perfect for cleaning sticky hands, wiping toilet seats and much more – pack some in your hand luggage and a few extra in your checked luggage.

To keep your kids occupied, a phone or iPad will provide most of the entertainment you need! Make sure you have downloaded plenty of games, books and apps before your flight and your kids will be happy to spend the duration of the flight playing.

Image of a mother and father travelling to Mexico with children on a plane, with one of the children holding a mobile device

The best food and drink to take

For your flight to Mexico, take savoury snacks like breadsticks, cheese cubes and chopped vegetables, and stick to fresh fruit for sweet snacks. This will help you to avoid the nightmare situation of your child having a sugar rush while you try to navigate a busy airport. Once you’re through security, buy a few bottles of water so that you don’t have to rely solely on the flight attendants when your child is thirsty.

Image of a child biting into an apple while on holiday

Where to go in Mexico

For adventurous kids, a day spent at Ventura Park amusement and water park in Cancun is the stuff of dreams! Younger children can enjoy the kids’ park which has an exclusive pool for children, plus a selection of smaller slides. Older kids can tackle scarier rides, including the double space bowl which features an adrenaline-pumping 50-foot drop into a 10-foot pool!

Introduce your kids to some Mexican history at Chichén Itzá. These famous Mayan ruins offer a peek into the ancient past of the country and they have been named one of the new seven wonders of the world. Show your kids a little slice of history and encourage them to draw or write about their experiences as a keepsake for their future selves.

Image of a parent having an amazing time on a slide at a water park in Mexico

How to cope with warm weather

Mexico is a hot country. During the day in July, temperatures can reach highs of 32°C, so ensuring that your children are comfortable is crucial. Choose quick drying clothes and light, airy shoes, such as sandals or crocs, for daytime wear. Don’t forget that the nights will be considerably cooler, which means that packing a light jacket or hoodie for your kids to put on if they start to feel the chill would be the best plan of action.

Get your kids excited for your Mexico holiday by teaching them some facts about Mexico and Mexican history and they’ll soon be rearing to go!

Family on holiday on a beach in Mexico and jumping up in the air together


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