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Carol Oconnor is passionate travel blogger in falcon. With all the time she is not on beach, she dedicated herself to checking oer details of all the deals you see on the website.

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How to drink tequila like a Mexican

We thought tequila was something you gulped from a shot glass and paid heavily for the next day, but it turns out we’ve been wrong the whole time. Here’s the experts in Mexico tell us how you should be drinking it… Tequila downed in shots with salt and lime, followed by the world’s worst headache […]
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Where is Love Island filmed?

Obsessed with Love Island? We’ve got the low-down on where it’s filmed, with a few suggestions of nearby love-nests for your own romantic getaway. LOVE ISLAND 2017 We’ve all been glued to the antics of the islanders for the past month but as the series runs into its final few weeks, we’ve got the lowdown on the island itself, where […]
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Tips for Nervous Travellers

Lots of people have a fear of flying. Some need a few stiff G&Ts to get on the plane and then spend their entire journey feeling panicked. Others can’t actually go on their dream holiday because they’re just too scared. Obviously we can’t solve everything in one short article but, here, we’ve come up with […]
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Top Tips For Flying When You’re Pregnant

  If you’re jetting off to the sun with a baby on board, have a read of our top tips for flying during pregnancy – from what to wear on the plane, to how to deal with that dreaded morning sickness… If you’re expecting a baby and planning an overseas break, you may well be […]
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Two’s Company: Relaxing Holidays for Couples

Image of a person relaxing on a hammock and facing the beach
Everything can feel that little bit busier when you’re in a relationship. Life becomes an even bigger whirl of social engagements such as weddings, big nights out, engagement parties and birthday dinners. Then there are also the small matters of holding down a job, bringing up children and running the household in between. With all […]
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Get Out of Town: Sunny Beach Day Trips

One of the beaches in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Bulgaria is one of Europe’s best value beach destinations, and Sunny Beach is the party capital. This modern, purpose-built resort on the country’s Black Sea coast has all the things we love about beach holidays: sun, sand, sea, fantastic hotels and waterparks nearby. However, don’t feel you need to stay by the beach all holiday […]
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The Parents’ Guide to Visiting Gran Canaria With Kids

Close up image of a father and son playing on a beach in Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria extends a warm welcome to families by gifting them with sensational weather, offering fun activities and placing family friendly hotels at their disposal. Each year, throughout the year, visitors descend on the island all year round to enjoy a fairy-tale beach holiday. We’ve handpicked some of the best things to do in Gran […]
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Things to Do in Cavtat for Families

Long shot of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Boasting calm blue seas, quiet pebble beaches and fewer crowds than Dubrovnik, Cavtat – pronounced ‘savtat’ – is the ideal seaside town for a family holiday. As you bask in Cavtat’s relaxed atmosphere, you’ll see there are plenty of things to do in Cavtat for families, too! From day trips and island exploration to snorkelling […]
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Animal Magic: Swimming with Dolphins in Tenerife

Header image of dolphins swimming in Aqualand, Tenerife, the Canary Islands
Dolphins are highly intelligent animals and for many it is a dream to get in the water and swim with them. There aren’t many places in Europe where you can swim with dolphins, but there are a few. If you don’t fancy flying long haul to meet the dolphins, head to Tenerife this year for […]
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When is the Best Time of the Year to Cruise the Mediterranean?

Cruise liner ready to sail on the Mediterranean Sea
Few things beat the tranquillity of exploring new lands by sea. Doing so takes you back to simpler times when this was the only way to set foot on foreign soil. Fast forward to today and we’re able to anchor in European gems such as Barcelona on luxury cruise ships. The time of your voyage […]
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