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Charlotte Brenner is the Marketing Manager at Falcon Leisure Group and a passionate travel blogger. With all the time she is not on beach, she dedicates some of her time to sharing amazing travel tips & deals you see on the blog.

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Weather Report: The Hottest Falcon Destinations for 2016

The clocks have officially turned back, the days are getting shorter and darker and the weather is moving from autumn crisp to winter cold. If you aren’t ready for colder climes, then an excellent way to break up the winter months is to start planning your next holiday. If you’re a bonafide sun worshipper, knowing […]
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Weather Report: Jamaica

Ideally placed for sunshine in the south west corner of the Caribbean, Jamaica’s tropical marine climate ensures that temperatures are warm all year round. Average temperatures range between 26 and 32°C, with the temperatures particularly reaching up past the mid-20s in June and July. A typical Jamaican day will be very hot during daylight hours […]
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Nightlife in Tenerife: A Guide to the Best Bars and Clubs

Cocktails in Tenerife
The Canary Islands are renowned the world over for knowing how to party. The island of Tenerife is perhaps the most famous of these, its reputation drawing revellers to its Mediterranean shores for decades. If you’re thinking of booking a holiday to this vibrant, pretty island so you can really let your hair down, then […]
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Cruises and Boat Tours in Lanzarote

Boat trips Lanzarote
With sun, sand and, of course, the ocean, locations don’t come more beautiful than the Canary Islands, especially the island of Lanzarote. One of the ways to really the make the most of your time in this wonderful island is hit the high seas and get a different view of your new location, so we’d […]
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An Adventure Seeker’s Guide to Gran Canaria

Scuba Diving in Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria is famous as a year round spot for sun worshippers and last minute holidaymakers. Did you know, however, that the island is also like a giant adventure playground? Yes, Gran Canaria plays host to all kinds of thrilling sports and recreational activities that will give your next trip a twist. Whether you prefer […]
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3 Destinations to Keep Kids Learning

Holidays are about having fun with the family, but they’re also a chance for children to discover more about the world. A destination can be educational and engaging. As you prepare for your next holiday, take a minute to check out these three destinations that are full of fun ways for your kids to keep […]
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World Food Day: The Best Falcon Destinations for Food Enthusiasts

  World Food Day is approaching us on 16 October and gives foodies a glorious opportunity to indulge and explore some of the gastronomic delicacies the world has to offer. Here are just some of our sensational Falcon destinations where you can sample the tastiest of treats. You might even want to bring back the […]
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5 Reasons You Should Plan a Beach Wedding

We all know that planning a wedding takes a lot of organisation. You want to pull out all the stops to make your special day be as memorable as possible. In this quest for the perfect wedding day, why not get married on the beach in an exceptionally sunny location like Jamaica or Cancun?  In […]
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7 of The Best Free Apps To Keep Kids Entertained Whilst Travelling

The travelling part of getting to your final destination sometimes gets a bit tedious for the kids — but it doesn’t have to be! With an iPad or a smartphone at your disposal families can access loads of apps that will divert their attention for an hour or two when you set out on your […]
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The Ultimate Itinerary for Travelling around Corfu by Car

  Hiring a car is one of the best ways to explore Corfu and experience the joys of the island at your own pace. Free from the constraints of bus timetables, and with the best part of your expenses set out from the start, you can make your way from beautiful A to brilliant B […]
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