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Nadia El Ferdaoussi is passionate travel blogger in falcon. With all the time she is not on beach, she dedicated herself to checking oer details of all the deals you see on the website.

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Top Six Tips For Protecting Your Skin From The Sun

Be aware that the SPF number relates to how long your skin is protected Higher numbers mean longer protection rather than a higher level of protection from the sun. Lower numbers will need to be re-applied more often. Take into account sweating and swimming and reapply more regularly as a result. An average adult will […]
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Top Six Sun Holiday Make Up Tips

Make an appointment with your local beauty salon Book in for a lash and brow tint before your next sun holiday (make sure to have a patch test first) and you can avoid having to wear any eye make up during the day. Once your lashes and brows are darkened you’re good to go, the […]
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Holiday hacks: packing tips and tricks for your next trip

Holiday prep can be stressful at the best of times, but some proper planning and a few handy tips should help prevent any last minute wobbles when it comes to packing. Here are 10 helpful hacks to pack like a pro Plan your outfits This makes it impossible to over or under pack. Check the […]
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The Must Have Travel Gadgets 2017  

Travel tech and gadgets you shouldn’t leave home without. Here are our top 8 must have travel gadgets for less stress and more success on your next trip. Noise cancelling headphones The best money you will ever spend, these are priceless for air travel. There is no degree of reclining seat that will compensate for […]
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