How to drink tequila like a Mexican

We thought tequila was something you gulped from a shot glass and paid heavily for the next day, but it turns out we’ve been wrong the whole time. Here’s the experts in Mexico tell us how you should be drinking it… Tequila downed in shots with salt and lime, followed by the world’s worst headache […]
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A Greek Odyssey: How to Appreciate Greek History

Long shot of a historical site on a Greek island, using photography as a way to appreciate Greek history
Most of us don’t have a PhD in Greek history – but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate all the treasures that Greece offers. From mysterious ancient cities to priceless artefacts in museums, Greece has many remarkable things to see. Most travellers to Greece split their time between relaxing in the sunshine and visiting historical […]
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Cool Locations to Spend a Memorable St Patrick’s Day

Close up image of a St Patrick's Day pint of Guinness with a shamrock on the glass
Time flies and before you know it, one of our favourite days of the year, St Patrick’s Day, will be upon us. We can’t wait, but what about you? Have you got anything special planned? If not, take a break from the norm and book a holiday for the big day now. Here are a […]
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Into the Heart of Flamenco with Falcon

Close up of a flamenco dancer's heels as she dances in a red dress on the Costa del Sol
The south of Spain is known for its old-fashioned approach to life. Sunday markets and spontaneous flamencos still reign supreme here. Uncover Spain’s awe-inspiring traditions and experience the passion of a live flamenco performance with a holiday to Costa del Sol. Flamenco music and its origins Flamenco music is over 200 years old and has […]
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The World in Your Hand: Travel-Inspired Christmas Gifts

Close up of a map with a drawing pin in it
Christmas is fast approaching and you are probably thinking about those last minute gifts for the family. Don’t worry – there’s still time! We’ve put together a list of travel-inspired gift ideas that could save Christmas. A map of the world If you’ve got a friend or family member who goes all misty eyed when […]
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6 Interesting Facts You’ll Want to Know Before You Go To Jamaica

Man cycling down the street in a quaint town you can see on Jamaica holidays
Cheerful people, warm weather and laid-back beaches all naturally spring to mind when thinking about Jamaica. Some of you may even know that the capital of this lively island nation is Kingston. However, the curious traveller might be interested in learning a few more interesting facts about this Caribbean destination before hopping aboard a flight. […]
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10 Travel Quotes That Will Definitely Give You Wanderlust

Image of a glorious beach that would inspire travel quotes
Travelling is one of the most incredible ways to learn. You’ll learn about other people around the world and about yourself. Whether you go to southern Spain or all the way to Mexico, whether you travel alone or enjoy the company of friends, every trip will teach you something new. Nobody understands this more than […]
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The Canary Islands or the Balearics? How to choose

Market place and street in Tenerife, the Canary Islands
Both the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands welcome lots of tourists throughout the year, but each group of islands has its own quirks and features that distinguish them. So how do you choose which one to visit? Let’s weigh up some of the best features before you decide! The Canary Islands A special style […]
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Mexico Facts for Kids

El Castillo, Chichen Itza, which is a major part of Mexican culture and history
Mexico is an incredible place that most of us probably don’t know much about. It’s a long way across the water from Ireland, with lots of different traditions and ways of life. You’ve probably eaten Mexican food like burritos and nachos, but how much do you know about Mexican culture? Here are five facts that […]
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Beat the Language Barrier

Close up of a mobile phone with a translator for people struggling with the language
Why do you like to travel? To soak up the sunshine that we don’t quite get enough of in Ireland? To visit world famous historical landmarks? Or, perhaps you want to immerse yourself in a new culture. Despite cultural experience being one of the most common reasons to travel, few of us can actually speak […]
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