Holiday Fashion and Beauty

Hat Tricks: How To Choose A Summer Hat To Suit Your Face Shape

Girl wearing a hat and out in the sun on her September holidays
What kind of hat should you be wearing this season? Take a look at our guide to finding the right summer hat to suit  your face shape… Thank you, Mr Weatherman. You’ve certainly done us proud in the past few weeks. Out are the boots and jumpers we were coveting in May, and in are […]
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How to Look as Stylish as Celebs While Abroad

Taylor Swift Collage Bulgaria
Celebrities are much more important, more desirable and more fashionable than the rest of us, wouldn’t you agree? No, you’re right, what a load of rubbish! But there’s no harm in having a quick look at what they’re wearing. Here we look at some celebrity fashion styles and some destinations where you can pull them […]
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Falcon’s guide to buying the right sun cream

Ambre Solaire Suncream
You’ve booked yourself a trip away to somewhere warm. The sun will be out and you’ve no intention of letting the glorious temperatures and golden rays pass you by. You want to let everyone know you’ve been on a blissfully wonderful holiday by returning with a marvellous tan. That’s okay, but you have to be […]
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Top tips for a bikini body

We all look forward to our summer holiday, but let’s face it, baring all on the beach for the first time can send a cold chill down the spine! If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone – every year thousands of women across Ireland strive to get that “bikini body”. But forget the diet – […]
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Holiday beauty essentials

holiday toiletries
Holidays are great, but they can really throw a spanner in the works when it comes to your beauty regime. What might work perfectly well for you here in Ireland might cause trouble when you go to a different climate. So what changes should you make to your hair and skin care routine when you […]
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