Like It’s 1999: Best Clubbing Destinations for 2017

As we move further into 2017, the world’s clubbers will be getting ready to embark on another season of dance, entertainment and cocktails, and so will the destinations that play their willing hosts. Pop your headphones on, put on the beats and let us take you through some of the best clubbing holiday destinations for […]
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Why You Should Travel Before Starting Your Career

Two girls at the front of a ship on a gap year in Greece
When you’re at university, you’re investing in your future – as your final exams and graduation edge closer, you’ll start to think about the next step. You might be eager to climb the career ladder as soon as possible and accept an offer from an employer while you’re still studying. Or you may want to […]
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Why Negril Has the Best Nightlife Spots in Jamaica

Relaxing Jamaica beach holiday scene in Negril, Jamaica
Jamaica is renowned as a party loving island, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Still reigning supreme after its emergence in the 1970s, dancehall culture plays a strong part in the island’s nightlife scene. Jamaica holidays are the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and experience this for yourself. The beaches and eateries of Montego […]
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Party in Gran Canaria

Young people on the beach enjoying a party in Gran Canaria
Although the Canary Islands are best known for their white sand beaches, warm clear water and beautiful landscapes that can be seen during the daylight hours, there’s something to be said for the quality of their nightlife as well. This is particularly true of Gran Canaria and its many thriving cities. Whether you’re staying in […]
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Laganas: What to Expect of the Party Epicentre of Zante

Club DJ Booth
Situated on the south-east of Zante, Laganas is the resort to visit if you really want to let your hair down. You’ll meet plenty of people hungry for lively nightlife, arriving from Ireland and all across Europe! Laganas is definitely the party resort to book for a holiday when you want to have fun from […]
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Beat the Winter Blues with the Songs That Will Take You Back to Summer

The snow is starting to fall, the decorations are going up and people are staying indoors. The cold weather may be very well messing with your mood. If that’s the case, it’s time get back into the summertime groove. Listen to this playlist and feel as if the sunshine is finally shining again. Demi Lovato […]
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The ‘Hip’ Places to Holiday in 2016

  When you book a holiday, you will want to be at the heart of the action. No one likes to fall behind the times. That’s why we’d like to recommend three destinations that definitely allow you to hold your head up high when your friends are chatting about their holiday plans for 2016.  Our […]
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The NYE Parties That Will Make You Want to Bring in the New Year Abroad

There’s only one way to celebrate the end of the year, and that’s with a mighty fine party. Falcon has destinations that really know how to party when New Year’s Eve rolls around. Put your champagne on ice and read about these locations that will make you want to pack your suitcase after Christmas and […]
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The Complete Lowdown on Ibiza’s Closing Parties 2015

Ibiza has the highest concentration of super clubs in the world and is the place to be for partygoers. As the summer season starts to wind down on Ibiza, the island plays host to a whirlwind of closing parties that draw huge crowds and attract the world’s best DJs. Clubs and promoters tend to start […]
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Living the party lifestyle with the top 5 nightclubs in Zakynthos

Along with the summer comes the feel-good vibe and you become infused with a spirit that just makes them want to party! And there’s no better place for a party than Greece, particularly, Zakynthos, or Zante, where clubs and bars are open until well into the early hours. The sun may go down, but the […]
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