Why You Should Travel Before Starting Your Career

Two girls at the front of a ship on a gap year in Greece
When you’re at university, you’re investing in your future – as your final exams and graduation edge closer, you’ll start to think about the next step. You might be eager to climb the career ladder as soon as possible and accept an offer from an employer while you’re still studying. Or you may want to […]
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5 Reasons to Take an Adults Only Holiday

Couple on an adults only holiday, hugging and watching the sunset
If you’ve ever wondered whether an adults only holiday is for you, the answer is yes. The peace and quiet, luxury facilities and a range of activities designed with you in mind all add up to create a memorable trip that you’ll want to take again. Need more reasons to book? Read on to see […]
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5 Benefits You’ll Love When You Take September Holidays

Girl wearing a hat and out in the sun on her September holidays
Summer is drawing to a close and you’ve probably had a busy few months at work. If you haven’t been away yet, it’s time to take a well-earned break by squeezing in some September holidays. July and August may have the hottest weather, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. Taking your summer holidays in […]
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Why Negril Has the Best Nightlife Spots in Jamaica

Relaxing Jamaica beach holiday scene in Negril, Jamaica
Jamaica is renowned as a party loving island, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Still reigning supreme after its emergence in the 1970s, dancehall culture plays a strong part in the island’s nightlife scene. Jamaica holidays are the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and experience this for yourself. The beaches and eateries of Montego […]
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Which Tenerife Beach Is the Perfect Match for You?

Beach accessories of sunbather on beach holidays in Tenerife
It’s holiday time and you’ve opted for a holiday in Tenerife, which has to be one of the best beach holiday destinations on the Planet, and why not? The sun shines and there are activities galore you can do out there while it shines down, whether you’re bathing in the sea or just soaking up […]
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5 Souvenirs That Let You Bring Jamaica Home

Bob Marley Nine Mile Museum image on Jamaica holidays
Whether you’re bringing back gifts for your friends and family, or hunting for some new coffee table trinkets, returning from a holiday without souvenirs would be like forgetting to take photos. Jamaica holidays are ripe with souvenir-grabbing opportunities. Ditch the tacky and generic — nobody, including you, needs another flimsy pen. Instead, hunt for locally […]
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Falcon’s Guide to the Best Surfing in the Algarve

Surfer coming out of the sea in the Algarve, Portugal
As the sun starts to shine more and more you may well be itching to grab your surfboard and pick a spot that is generous with the waves. May we suggest the Algarve, in Portugal? Located off the south-west coast of Portugal, this region is virtually made for surfing because it easily picks up Atlantic […]
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Amazing Places that Make Jamaica One of the World’s Best Islands

People on Jamaica holidays at Rick's Cafe
TripAdvisor has ranked Jamaica the third Best Island in the World for 2016 and we’re proud to offer this Caribbean gem as a Falcon destination. The air is infused with a relaxed, friendly vibe and the weather is quite simply out of this world. Here we take a look at some of the places that […]
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5 Essential Songs for Your Summer 2016 Soundtrack

Man in shades dancing to summer sound
Think of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’, Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ or Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’. They’re all songs of a summer past and you’re bound to have a special summertime memory associated with each, whether that’s lounging on a beach, driving on an open road or dancing in a nightclub with friends on a holiday. This is […]
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5 Perfect Destinations for a Father’s Day Holiday

Stylish car on a beach
Just in case you’re asking, ‘When is Father’s Day?’ we can tell you that it’s on Sunday 19th of June this year. That gives you at least a couple of weeks to scramble around for a Father’s Day gift! One way to give your dad a real treat is to book a last minute holiday […]
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