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Where Was ‘Ex on the Beach’ Filmed – A Travel Guide

Scenery from where Ex on the Beach was filmed
The hit MTV show ‘Ex on the Beach’ is known for its sensational combination of love rivals, love rats and party atmosphere. Previous cast members include Stephen Bear, who rose to fame following his appearance on the show and has gone on to win the eighteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother and – rumour has […]
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Wedded Bliss: Best Islands in Greece for a Honeymoon

Couple in vintage car with Just Married sign
After you’ve tied the knot, it’s time to celebrate with a holiday that the two of you will remember. If you’re making your wedding plans this year and looking at places to spend your honeymoon, we’d like to suggest turning your thoughts to the islands of Greece. Oozing scenery and sunshine, the Greek islands are […]
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How to Travel Like a Boss

Girl with her back to the camera taking a travel selfie
When you return from a holiday or long-term travel adventure, you don’t want to be telling all your friends you missed out on certain sights or experiences. You want to be able to them you crammed in loads and had the most awesome time ever. The travel advice below will show you how to explore […]
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How Travel Enhances Your Happiness

Picture of three girls happy, smiling and laughing while taking a selfie on their travels
Today we’re going to let you in on a little secret: holidays make you happy in all sorts of ways. Long before you board the plane or get to the hotel, your holiday is already working its magic, starting the minute you begin searching for your dream holiday. As soon as you click ‘book now’, […]
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How to Be a Good Travel Companion

Close up of man and woman hiking and running towards the camera
We all know that travelling is one of the best ways to broaden your mind. And while solo travelling can be a rewarding thing to do, sometimes it is better to have someone to share your experiences with. That doesn’t mean travelling with others is easy, in fact there are some things you might want […]
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The Late Escape: Inspiring Romantic Getaways for Summer

Image of a couple on a romantic getaway standing by the sea and looking into each other's eyes and smiling
In many great love stories, there’s a moment when the happy couple spend a romantic holiday together. Who could forget the famous line from Casablanca, ‘We’ll always have Paris…’, which invokes a tender sojourn that Bogey and Bacall enjoyed in the spring. But maybe your work colleagues have beaten you to the punch and have […]
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5 Reasons to Take an Adults Only Holiday

Couple on an adults only holiday, hugging and watching the sunset
If you’ve ever wondered whether an adults only holiday is for you, the answer is yes. The peace and quiet, luxury facilities and a range of activities designed with you in mind all add up to create a memorable trip that you’ll want to take again. Need more reasons to book? Read on to see […]
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5 Benefits You’ll Love When You Take September Holidays

Girl wearing a hat and out in the sun on her September holidays
Summer is drawing to a close and you’ve probably had a busy few months at work. If you haven’t been away yet, it’s time to take a well-earned break by squeezing in some September holidays. July and August may have the hottest weather, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. Taking your summer holidays in […]
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Super Savvy Travel: Items That Savvy Travellers Always Bring

Person relaxing on a beach holiday with essential travel accessories
Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, there are some items which can help you on your way to ensuring a smooth running trip. We all know to bring the basic travel essentials — passport, extra socks etc. — but there are also a lot of things that never even come to mind. So take […]
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10 Travel Quotes That Will Definitely Give You Wanderlust

Image of a glorious beach that would inspire travel quotes
Travelling is one of the most incredible ways to learn. You’ll learn about other people around the world and about yourself. Whether you go to southern Spain or all the way to Mexico, whether you travel alone or enjoy the company of friends, every trip will teach you something new. Nobody understands this more than […]
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