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Out of Office: 5 Luxury Destinations to Ignore Your Emails

Image of a Crete hotel by night as a luxury destination, featuring a swimming pool and a sea view
For many of us it is a familiar scenario: the work day is finished but an important email comes in. What happens? You read it, of course. And often you act upon it. This leads to stress when you should be relaxing. Why do we do it to ourselves? Perhaps it’s time we all took […]
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Italy With the Bambini: Best Places to Go with Kids in Italy

Close up of a gelato ice cream in Venice, Italy
Leave the soft play and bad weather behind. Embrace a holiday of sunshine, authentic Italian food and bonding time with your little ones. Italy is renowned for its beauty and with resorts that offer beach fun, historic discovery and everything in between, what better place is there for a family holiday? Whether you’re already planning […]
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What Makes Costa Adeje So Special?

Long shot of the Playa del Duque beach in Costa Adeje resort, Tenerife
In 2016, Costa Adeje, in the south of Tenerife, placed 4th in Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice awards. With the Canary Island of Tenerife itself being such a beloved destination by Irish holidaymakers, we can see why people would rate Costa Adeje so highly. But what exactly is it that makes this resort town so special? […]
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Cool Locations to Spend a Memorable St Patrick’s Day

Close up image of a St Patrick's Day pint of Guinness with a shamrock on the glass
Time flies and before you know it, one of our favourite days of the year, St Patrick’s Day, will be upon us. We can’t wait, but what about you? Have you got anything special planned? If not, take a break from the norm and book a holiday for the big day now. Here are a […]
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What to Expect on a Family Holiday to Bulgaria

Image of a family flying a kite on a sunny day in Sunny Beach, in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a rising star on the sunshine holiday circuit, offering an intriguing alternative to Spain, France and Italy. Along the country’s Black Sea coast there are big holiday resorts and smaller destinations. Such variety makes it the perfect place for families to travel to this year – plus it gets exceptionally warm in summer […]
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How Travel Enhances Your Happiness

Picture of three girls happy, smiling and laughing while taking a selfie on their travels
Today we’re going to let you in on a little secret: holidays make you happy in all sorts of ways. Long before you board the plane or get to the hotel, your holiday is already working its magic, starting the minute you begin searching for your dream holiday. As soon as you click ‘book now’, […]
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How to Be a Good Travel Companion

Close up of man and woman hiking and running towards the camera
We all know that travelling is one of the best ways to broaden your mind. And while solo travelling can be a rewarding thing to do, sometimes it is better to have someone to share your experiences with. That doesn’t mean travelling with others is easy, in fact there are some things you might want […]
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The Late Escape: Inspiring Romantic Getaways for Summer

Image of a couple on a romantic getaway standing by the sea and looking into each other's eyes and smiling
In many great love stories, there’s a moment when the happy couple spend a romantic holiday together. Who could forget the famous line from Casablanca, ‘We’ll always have Paris…’, which invokes a tender sojourn that Bogey and Bacall enjoyed in the spring. But maybe your work colleagues have beaten you to the punch and have […]
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Here Comes the Sun: Enjoying the Best of Portugal’s Beaches

Image of two surfers walking into the sea on a Portuguese beach with their surfboards
Let’s suppose you’re a sun seeker narrowing down places to go to catch your rays this year. Choose Portugal as your next holiday destination and discover a part of the world generous with both sunshine and the beaches to soak it up on. This is particularly so in the Algarve region, in southern Portugal, which […]
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Bellisimo: 6 Reasons to Love Italy

Long shot of the canals of the Italian city of Venice
Once you’ve travelled to Italy, it will always have a hold on you. Years on from your visit, you’ll think back to the sun setting over an Italian vista and a weight will be lifted. It’s that kind of place. Restful. Rejuvenating. Italy is a country that has many layers to unpeel. Here are some […]
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