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How to Have the Ideal All Girls Weekend in Lanzarote

Close up of two girls taking a selfie while on an all girls weekend
When you are balancing a busy work and home life, sometimes you just don’t get the time to catch up with your girlfriends. Sometimes you’re too tired and want to put your feet up, and when you do find the time to get together, it’s often a quick coffee. That’s why you should consider setting […]
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5 Sublime Luxury Honeymoon Destinations for 2017

Couple just married on a beach, looking out to the sea together, and about to start their holiday in a honeymoon destination
Sandy beaches with turquoise waters, opulent hotels in beautiful places – these things make soon-to-be newlyweds choose the best luxury honeymoon destinations. Stellar couples deserve stellar locations, and we’ve picked out five sublime locations that take mesmerising scenery and relaxation to a whole new level. Here are some of the best luxury destinations to get […]
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6 Reasons to Go Travelling the World in 2017

Bright picture of a sun drenched beach
A year is a long time – but it can drift by pretty quickly if you don’t have a plan. Before you know it, November has come around again and you haven’t been anywhere. Did you fulfil your travel dreams last year? If the answer to the above question is ‘No’, maybe you’re thinking about […]
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How to Plan Your Travel for 2017

Picture of flip flops, travel jar containing money, and a passport to get ready for 2017 holidays
Welcome to 2017! It’s a new year, a chance to start afresh and do things you’ve not done before. And it’s an opportunity to make plans for the next 12 months, which includes booking holidays to experience exciting new destinations. The big question is, how do you plan so far ahead of the dates you’re […]
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9 top tequila facts for your amazing Mexican adventure

Image of a tequila plant in the desert with a red and yellow sky behind it
Mexico – a gorgeous country with hospitable people that is the perfect choice for a long-haul holiday. From her idyllic beaches in coastal Cancun and the Riviera Maya to historic sites like Tulum or Chichen Itza, she has so much to offer to sun-seeking travellers. And that’s before we get to food and drink. The […]
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8 remarkable rum facts for your big Jamaican break

Image of a pirate hat and hook in the foreground, against a glistening sea in the backgroun
Ever dreamed of jetting off to Jamaica? As Caribbean holiday destinations go, the fourth-largest island is a special place. Famous for many good things, including reggae music and white sand beaches, and some not so good – what is the point of cricket? – Jamaica promises much to give you a getaway to remember. A […]
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‘I’m Going to…’ – New Year’s Resolutions for Travelling in 2017

A view over the walls of Dubrovnik which you can experience in the New Year
The turn of the new year is the perfect time for reflection and goal setting. Whether you achieved the resolutions that you set for New Year 2016 or not, decide on some travel related goals for 2017 now and you’ll be sure to achieve them. After all, what better incentive is there than a holiday? […]
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Ending the Year on a High: Daring Activities You Can Do in Tenerife

Image of an adventure traveller and paragliding instructor flying together over Tenerife under a parachute and taking a selfie at the same time
Some people head to Tenerife to just laze around in the sun on the island’s beaches. Some come over to revel in the nightlife scene. To both, we say, ‘Why not?’ But today, we want to recognise the adrenaline lovers who go in search of action and thrills. If adventure travel is the aim of […]
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Into the Heart of Flamenco with Falcon

Close up of a flamenco dancer's heels as she dances in a red dress on the Costa del Sol
The south of Spain is known for its old-fashioned approach to life. Sunday markets and spontaneous flamencos still reign supreme here. Uncover Spain’s awe-inspiring traditions and experience the passion of a live flamenco performance with a holiday to Costa del Sol. Flamenco music and its origins Flamenco music is over 200 years old and has […]
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The Benefits of Booking Your 2017 Summer Holiday Early

Family on summer holidays all jumping up and down together on a sun-kissed beach
In the run-up to Christmas, you’ll have been dashing round, no doubt, looking for the perfect gift for your family. Perhaps summer is the furthest thing from your mind just now, but it won’t be long before the sunny season rolls around again. There are several benefits to organising your summer holiday for 2017, whether […]
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